9 Signs You Might Have a Burst or Perforated Eardrum

Anatomy diagram of human ear with eardrum perforation from cotton bud

The nine signs you may have a perforated eardrum include: Hearing loss A spinning sensation (vertigo) Nausea or vomiting from vertigo Ear pain that may subside Mucus-like, pus-filled, or bloody drainage from your ear A ringing in your ear (tinnitus) Episodic ear infections Facial weakness Dizziness The extent of hearing loss you might experience will […]

My Ear Is Sore: Why Do I Have Ear Pain?

Woman with hand to her ear experiencing a sore ear or ear pain

Ear pain can range from mild annoyance to crippling discomfort, and an unexplained sore ear can lead to unwanted stress and concern. From frantically googling “reasons why my ear is sore” to worry about the long-term effects on your hearing, dealing with an earache can be a nerve-wracking experience. Our ears are responsible not only […]

How To Get Water Out of Your Ear: Try These 5 Methods

Happy African man has water in his ear after swimming

You enjoyed going for a swim earlier today, but now, you feel a little tickle in your ear. Honing in on this sensation and you realise your ear feels full. And you’re starting to have trouble hearing. Yes, water has become trapped in your ear. It’s not draining out on its own, and you have […]

Why Do Ears Get Itchy?: A Guide to the Causes and Treatments of Itchy Ears

Woman with itchy ears puts a finger into her ear

Itchy ears – it’s a common problem and also an embarrassing one. The overwhelming urge to scratch your ears can be very awkward in public, and it’s an uncomfortable and very irritating sensation. Here we ponder the question, why do ears get itchy? There are several common reasons behind this annoying problem and various risk […]

Can You Fly With An Inner Ear Infection?

Air New Zealand plane taxiing on runway

Our patients often ask us, can you fly with an inner ear infection? Most of the time, people are referring to their middle ear, but we get it. “Inner ear” is obviously inside your ear, and that’s where your middle ear is. It may feel like we have little choice for flying at times, as […]

What Is Eustachian Tube Dysfunction?

Young man with hand to ear suffering from Eustachian tube dysfunction

Eustachian tube dysfunction is more common in children as their Eustachian tube is shorter, narrower and more horizontal than in adults. Eustachian tubes are small tubes running between the upper throat and the middle ear. They are responsible for keeping the air pressure equal between the middle ear and outer ear canal. These tubes also […]

Why Do Some People Experience Dizziness During Microsuction?

Young woman experiences dizziness during microsuction

Your Ears Do More Than Hear Did you know your ears are not just for hearing? They are also the home for your balance and spatial orientation.  You may experience dizziness during earwax removal by Microsuction. The vacuum created by Microsuction causes cool air to flow into your ear canal. When the cool air comes […]

What Is Ear Candling and Does It Work?

Woman receiving dubious ear candling

What is Ear Candling? Ear candles are aromatherapy products that improve general health and well-being and remove earwax. The number of health-related claims that manufacturers make for ear candling is pretty extensive: cure for ear and sinus infections earwax removal treatment for cold, flu and sore throat vertigo or dizziness relief stress and tension treatment […]