Ear Health registered nurse performing ear cleaning by microsuction on a patient

Mission Bay, Auckland


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✔ Onsite public parking
✔ Same-day appointments
✔ Registered Nurses
✔ ACC accredited
✔ Ear wax removal by Microsuction

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Book online, or arrange an appointment for:

  • A person in a wheelchair
  • Navy personnel
  • War Pension recipients

Please call 09-242 1466.

2021 Ear Cleaning by Microsuction Prices 

Please note that for all ear cleaning by microsuction appointments, there is a minimum charge of $49, even if no earwax or debris is removed.

Adults and teens

  • Consultation + Microsuction | Appointment: $69

SuperGold card 

  • Consultation + Microsuction | Appointment: $59

ACC – You must already have an ACC claim number from your GP

  • Consultation + Microsuction | Appointment: $52

War Pension

  • Consultation + Microsuction | Appointment: Fully funded