Blenheim, Marlborough


027 327 0022

Business Hours:

Mon-Fri: 8 am –5 pm Sat & Sun: Closed

Please note our new address, 306 Scott Street, Blenheim.

Welcome to Ear Health Blenheim, where it is our commitment to provide professional ear care.

We are passionate about aural hygiene and professional earwax removal. Our services include:

  • Bilateral ear examination and removal of wax and debris / foreign bodies by gentle microsuction.
  • Assistance with detection, management and care of ear infections.
  • Assistance with ear pain when flying.
  • Assistance with eustachian tube problems.
  • ACC and War pension discounts.
  • See adults and children.
  • Same-day appointments.
  • No referral is necessary.


Adult: Consultation + Standard | Appointment: $50

Children: Consultation + Standard | Appointment: $40

Consultation + Goldcard | Appointment: $48

Consultation + ACC | Appointment: $30 (must already have a claim number from your GP)

Consultation + War Pension | Appointment: Funded

We provide professional and effective ear care and education using best practice methods.

Hearing is a precious sense, and we look forward to working with you to enhance and care for your hearing.

Deborah Dalzell RCN