What is Impacted Ear Wax?

An ear nurse removing impacted ear wax

Bees aren’t the only creatures that make wax. Your ears produce quite a bit of it. And it’s quite a fantastic substance that cleanses and protects your ears. Most of the time, you should leave your earwax alone and let it get on with its job. Earwax only becomes a problem when it builds up […]

Should I Use Earwax Softener Before My Appointment?

Man applying earwax softener drops into his ear

We are often asked by our patients, “Do you want me to use an earwax softener before my appointment?” Generally, it relates to a previous experience someone has had with an ear syringing procedure. Practice nurses or GPs may request their patients to soften their earwax with olive oil or over-the-counter ear drops before a […]

How Often Should I Have Earwax Removal?

Ear Health Nurse performs earwax removal by microsuction

Do you wonder, “how often should I have earwax removal?” The answer is often dependent on your ears and how they behave. Your ears are constantly producing earwax. As a result, many people need to have their ears cleaned regularly. The amount of earwax you produce, the physical characteristics of your ears, the environment you […]

Why Do Some People Experience Dizziness During Microsuction?

Young woman experiences dizziness during microsuction

Your Ears Do More Than Hear Did you know your ears are not just for hearing? They are also the home for your balance and spatial orientation.  You may experience dizziness during earwax removal by Microsuction. The vacuum created by Microsuction causes cool air to flow into your ear canal. When the cool air comes […]

What Is Ear Candling and Does It Work?

Woman receiving dubious ear candling

What is Ear Candling? Ear candles are aromatherapy products that claim to improve general health, well-being and remove earwax. The number of health-related claims that manufacturers make for ear candling is pretty extensive: cure for ear and sinus infections earwax removal treatment for cold, flu and sore throat vertigo or dizziness relief stress and tension […]