What is The Purpose of Earwax, and Why Do Ears Get Clogged?

Ear Health practitioner explains, "What is the purpose of earwax and why do ears get clogged."

That sticky, yellowish goo that sometimes comes out of your ears can be a bit gross, but it’s a vital part of your body’s natural defences. Without it, you’d be in trouble. So what is the purpose of earwax, and why do ears get clogged? Read on to find out everything you need to know […]

How To Get Water Out of Your Ear: Try These 5 Methods

Happy African man has water in his ear after swimming

You enjoyed going for a swim earlier today, but now, you feel a little tickle in your ear. Honing in on this sensation and you realise your ear feels full. And you’re starting to have trouble hearing. Yes, water has become trapped in your ear. It’s not draining out on its own, and you have […]