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Registered nurse performing ear wax removal by microsuction at Ear Health Christchurch

$58 Earwax Removal

The Best Value Ear Microsuction in Christchurch

Book online for ear cleaning by microsuction and save $11 off the full price. Adults and teens only. Terms and conditions apply. 

Please book your appointment online for earwax removal at our Christchurch clinic

Our primary method of earwax removal is ear cleaning by microscution. We do not flush or irrigate ears with water as it is less effective for impacted earwax and carries a risk of injury to the eardrum and subsequent ear infection. 

Ear Cleaning by Microsuction and Consultation Prices

  • Adults and teens $69
  • Child (child aged 6 to 12 years) $69
  • Paediatric (infant aged 5 years and younger) $96
  • SuperGold Card holders $64
  • ACC (you must have an ACC claim number from your GP) $49
  • Earwax soften follow-up $59
  • War Pension funded
  • Purchased hearing aids at Ear Health FREE*

*If you buy hearing aids at Ear Health, we provide free ongoing earwax removal for the original purchaser for the life of the hearing aids (maximum six years). Terms and conditions apply.

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What to Expect at Your Microsuction Appointment

Have you struggled with blocked ears because of earwax or debris buildup?

The experienced team at Ear Health Christchurch can help!

We perform ear cleaning by microsuction, a gentle and effective process that removes earwax and debris from your ear canal.

Here’s what you can expect during your appointment:

  • If it’s your first time, please arrive a few minutes early.
  • You will be welcomed by reception, and you might need to complete a new patient form in the comfortable waiting area.
  • Your practitioner will ask questions relevant to the procedure at the start of your appointment.
  • We examine your ear canal using light and magnification tools like a microscope or surgical loupe.
  • We vacuum any earwax, residues and debris using a thin suction tube.
  • We may use small surgical instruments to pluck out stubborn earwax or debris.
  • The process is quick, comfortable, and only takes 15 to 20 minutes.
A group photograph of the staff and practitioners who perform and assist with earwax removal at Ear Health Christchurch.
The experienced team at Ear Health Christchurch.

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What Is the Ear Wax Removal Experience Like?

Our team is a highly experienced group of registered nurses and audiologists in Christchurch.

If your ears feel blocked, microsuction might be just what you need. Most people describe the experience as a light tickling with windy, squeaky, and popping sounds.

The best part is it’s comfortable and painless for most people, providing relief as the feeling of blocked ears disappears. But we understand that some people might be more sensitive to the procedure.

If your ear canal is inflamed or sensitive due to an infection, microsuction could be a little uncomfortable. If you feel this way, inform your Ear Health practitioner so they can take precautions to make you more comfortable.

You might feel dizzy if cold air contacts your eardrum during microsuction. This brief dizziness will pass as your eardrum returns to average body temperature.

Some individuals might experience an ear-cough reflex if the auricular branch of the vagus nerve (or Arnold’s nerve) is physically triggered. It’s uncommon but completely normal.

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