Why Do Some People Experience Dizziness During Microsuction?

Young woman experiences dizziness during microsuction

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We all know that we need our ears to hear, but did you know that your ears also play an essential role in your balance and spatial orientation?

Our ears keep us stable and our movements coordinated. Yet, when we experience dizzy spells, we hardly think of our ears as the cause.

Today, we’ll dive deeper into our ears’ role in our balance and how it’s related to earwax removal by microsuction.

Your Ears Do More Than Hear

The vestibular apparatus is the part of the ear that provides sensory information about motion, equilibrium, and spatial orientation. It’s responsible for keeping our internal sense of balance stable. It also helps us maintain our posture, so it’s critical to keep it healthy.

As the vestibular apparatus is located just behind our eardrums, it can be disrupted during specific medical procedures like earwax removal.

You may experience dizziness during earwax removal by microsuction. The vacuum microsuction creates causes cool air to flow into your ear canal.

When the cool air comes into contact with your eardrum, you might feel dizzy as a result. This temperature drop cools down your vestibular apparatus. Cooling it down may cause temporary dizziness for some people.

Dizziness From Microsuction is Temporary

If dizziness occurs, it usually lasts for a few short minutes. The dizzy feeling will subside once the cold air inside the ear canal is warmed up again.

Let your Ear Health practitioner know if you experience dizziness during or immediately after the procedure. It’s best to remain still and not move suddenly until any dizzy feeling has subsided. Trying to stand or move too quickly could cause you to lose your balance.

So there you have it, your ears are more than just organs for hearing – they’re integral to keeping you balanced and stable. Next time you have any issues with your balance, it’s worth considering the ear as a possible source of the problem. And if you opt for microsuction for earwax removal, remember that dizziness might be a short-lived side effect. 

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3 years ago

i have had ear suction in both ears today .and felt dizzy and sickly is this normal thanx

Marcus Chadwick
Marcus Chadwick
Reply to  Collette
3 years ago

Hello Collette,

Yes, it is completely normal to feel dizzy temporarily and that, in turn, can make you feel a little nauseous. If those symptoms persist please contact your Ear Nurse or General Practitioner, or call Healthline on 0800 611 116.

All the best,

Vanessa Gough
Vanessa Gough
Reply to  Collette
3 years ago

Also, Colette please ensure that you inform the nurse on your next visit, asking for earwax removal with our micro tools instead of microsuction if possible. I have some clients who have experienced dizziness and ask that no products are used to soften the earwax which makes removal manageable with micro tools and magnification alone. This should prevent dizziness if easily prone.

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