Ear Health registered nurse performing ear cleaning by microsuction on a patient

Tairua, The Coromandel


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Welcome to Ear Health Tairua.

My name is Lynne; I am a Registered Nurse and provide microsuction clinics in the beautiful Coromandel East area.

Microsuction is a method of cleaning the ear canal under direct vision with a microscope and is suitable for all ages. I will talk you through the procedure as I am working.

I also offer professional, friendly assistance in the following:

  • Earwax and debris removal from the ear canal.
  • Advice with ear problems.
  • Management with ear infections.

A doctor’s referral is not required; war pensioners with hearing loss are fully funded, and those with hearing aids funded by ACC are partially funded.

Adult: Consultation + Standard | Appointment: $60

Children: Consultation + Standard | Appointment: (School age) $40

Consultation + ACC (funded hearing aids) | Appointment: $35
(for those with an ACC claim number for hearing loss)

Consultation + War Pension | Appointment: Funded