Can Hearing Aids Help Tinnitus?

People with tinnitus often wonder, can hearing aids help tinnitus? While more research is needed, the benefits are clear. Hearing aids make it easier to hear actual sounds above the roar of interruptions, easing the

Air New Zealand plane taxiing on runway
Ear Health

Can You Fly With An Inner Ear Infection?

Our patients often ask us, can you fly with an inner ear infection? Most of the time, people are referring to their middle ear, but we get it. “Inner ear” is obviously inside your ear,

Ear Health Central Otago owner Shelley Simon outside the new Alexandra clinic

Ear Health Central Otago Expands Alexandra Service

Ear Health Central Otago Responds to Growing Need for Ear Care Services Ear Health Central Otago is responding to a growing need for more ear care and earwax removal services by setting up a new,

Young man with hand to ear suffering from Eustachian tube dysfunction
Ear Health

What Is Eustachian Tube Dysfunction?

Eustachian tube dysfunction is more common in children as their Eustachian tube is shorter, narrower and more horizontal than in adults. Eustachian tubes are small tubes running between the upper throat and the middle ear.

Three Javan Tree Frogs sitting on a branch
Hearing Loss

Frogs and the Cure for Hearing Loss

Hearing is a highly complex task. Your ears can distinguish between several thousand sound frequencies and enable the brain to locate where a sound originates. Although we have an intricate understanding of how the ear

An ear nurse removing impacted ear wax

What is Impacted Ear Wax?

Bees aren’t the only creatures that make wax. Your ears produce quite a bit of it. And it’s quite a fantastic substance that cleanses and protects your ears. Most of the time, you should leave

Man applying earwax softener drops into his ear

Should I Use Earwax Softener Before My Appointment?

We are often asked by our patients, “Do you want me to use an earwax softener before my appointment?” Generally, it relates to a previous experience someone has had with an ear syringing procedure. Practice

Ear Health Nurse performs earwax removal by microsuction

How Often Should I Have Earwax Removal?

Do you wonder, “how often should I have earwax removal?” The answer is often dependent on your ears and how they behave. Your ears are constantly producing earwax. As a result, many people need to

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