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We have clinics in over 60 locations across New Zealand.

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Registered nurses and audiologists are caring for your ears.

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Microsuction is the diamond standard for ear cleaning and earwax removal.

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We've been looking after ears for over 25 years.

Ear Cleaning and Earwax Removal by Microsuction

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Take our free online hearing test in the comfort of your own home.

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We offer hearing aid fitting and repair in Auckland.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The price for microsuction varies by location, age, and any available subsidy. Most clinics have their prices listed on their location page

Contact your local clinic directly by phone, or many locations have online booking available. 

Please note for all ear cleaning by microsuction appointments; there is a charge even if no earwax or debris is required to be removed. The consultation, visual inspection and assessment still require one full appointment slot.

For most people, under normal circumstances, microsuction should be completely painless. However, everyone is different, and some people may feel mild discomfort. You can talk during the procedure, and it’s best to communicate if you feel any irritation or soreness during or immediately after microsuction.

Hearing screenings and full diagnostic hearing tests are available in our three Auckland clinics

  1. Birkenhead
  2. Devonport
  3. Grey Lynn

We also have an online hearing test available. 

Yes, we fit hearing aids in our three Auckland clinics

  1. Birkenhead
  2. Devonport
  3. Grey Lynn